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Real Utopia teams maintain the vital functions of our network. If you are already a network member, you might consider joining any of our self-managed teams listed below. If a team interests you, please fill the form at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions about the teams, please contact us.

Meet the Site Team

We manage, update and work to improve the website. 

Meet the Membership Team

We welcome people to the Real Utopia network by conducting personalised orientation sessions, getting to know new members, and helping them become active in the network. We are also the internal sounding board for membership feedback.


Alexandria Shaner

Not public


Alex Kilcran

Not Public

Meet the Outreach and Events Team

We actively attempt to recruit new members to the RU Network. We do this by engaging with people who we think might want to join the Network and/or by organising events or via social media to attract new members.


Fintan Bradshaw

Not public


The Lonnie Ray Atkinson

Not Public

Image 10-01-2023 at 11_edited.jpg

Miles Rafael Bairley-Ujueta

Meet the Education and Skills Team

We focus on internal education for the purpose of strengthening our members' understanding and confidence about material that is integral to Real Utopia as an organisation."

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