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Welcome to our growing collection of educational materials on theory, vision and strategy for a Participatory Society. It is these ideas that inform our organisational efforts.


For those who are new to this body of work, you may like to start with our Introductory Package.

You can also browse our collection of recommended complementary materials.




This brief overview has been put together for people who are interested in Participatory theory, vision and strategy but have no prior knowledge of this body of work. It contains brief statements on various aspects of the topic, giving a general picture of what this project is about. This will allow you to begin to put Real Utopia: Foundation for a Participatory Society into its broader historical and ideological context. More...

An Introduction to Participatory Society

Some SSCC courses delivered by Real Utopia members

(SSCC is currently under reconstruction - links to be updated soon!) 

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No Bosses: Life After Capitalism

Michael Albert

Presents economic vision to answers: You don't like capitalism. What do you want to replace it? 



Strategy for Winning a New World

Alexandria Shaner

How to think about, develop and strategic principles and ideas. 



How Social Movements Can Win

Eugene Nulman

Activism aims to produce social and political change. But how? What works and what doesn’t?


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