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More Praise for"No Bosses"

Michael Albert's "No Bosses" was a staff pick at mέta:

Life in 2021. Rampant debilitating denial for the many next to vile enrichment of the few. Material deprivation, denial, and denigration. Dignity defiled. Our planet raped. Climate cooking us all. To succumb to this 2021 normality is not a survivable option. Humanity must attain better. But, if we do not resign in defeat, then what do we do?

*No Bosses* says we conceive and then organize to win a new economy. It says we conceive and then win new institutions for how we work, for how we consume, and for how allocation occurs. It says we eliminate class rule. It says we ensure that economics respects and advances ecological, social, and personal well being. Nothing less.

The vision offered by *No Bosses*, is called participatory economics. It elevates self management, equity, solidarity, diversity, and sustainability. It eliminates elitist, arrogant, dismissive, authoritarian, exploitation, competition, and homogenization.

The *No Bosses* vision eliminates private ownership of productive assets, top down control of workplaces, income for bargaining power and property, jobs that elevate some to empowerment at the expense of relegating many to obedience, and a market rate race in which dishonorable and even hateful behavior is the currency of competitive success.

In place of all that, *No Bosses* proposes a built and natural productive commons, self management by all who work, income for how long, how hard, and the onerousness of conditions of socially valued work, jobs that give all economic actors comparable means and inclination to participate in decisions that affect them, and a process called participatory planning in which caring behavior and solidarity are the currency of collective and individual success.

And why does arriving at a shared vision for a new economy for a better world matter? It matters to provide hope, to provide direction, to sustain commitment on the path to winning change. *No Bosses* is about winning a new world. Nothing less.

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