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Participatory Economics Robin Hahnel Part 1/3 - Introduction & Goals

Robin Hahnel presents a vision for an alternative economic system known as Participatory Economics. Participatory Economics is an economic system based on democracy, justice and ecological sustainability proposed as an alternative to capitalism and centrally planned socialism. The talk was held in December 2014 in London and was hosted by Participatory Economics UK.

The talk is split into three parts:

Part 1 - Introduction and Goals -​

Part 2 - Institutions (Link) -​

Part 3 - Q&A (Link) -​

Robin Hahnel is an economist and political activist. He was Professor Emeritus in economics at American University in Washington, D.C and at Portland State University. He is co-creator, along with Michael Albert, of participatory economics, also known as parecon for short. His work has been focused on economic justice and democracy, and the global financial and ecological crisis. His website is -​

For more information on Participatory Economics:

PE information site -​

PE ZNet -​

Groups organising around Participatory Economics:

PE Finland -​

PE Sweden -​

PE UK -​

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